Korean girls don’t have asses…

…and I’m totally ok with that

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Just when you thought K-pop couldn’t get any more irritating

Hmm I do like the helmets though…

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Heyyyyyyy sexy lady

“Gangnam” is a part of Seoul known for being expensive and fancy, hence all the hot girls who run around that part of town 24/7. Apparently this video is a big deal worldwide. The dancer who first appears on the subway train looks an awful lot like Hyuna (the one from that obnoxious video I posted a few months back).

Overall I like this video, but a couple of things really bug me:

1. The two girls walking towards the camera with Psy while “snow” & shit is blowing all over them. They break character and, in true Korean girl style, try to shield themselves from all the crap flying at their faces. Ugh. Unprofessional.

2. This one is much less offensive, but the people walking backwards went out of sync with their arms swinging up and down. That should have been an easy reshoot, but apparently the director didn’t give a shit.

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bubble bubble bubble POP!

I posted this on facebook a little while ago, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching THE WORLD’S MOST OBNOXIOUS K-POP VIDEO again!

It’s actually just the song that’s a crime… I think this video is pretty good from a production perspective. It captures the blatant stupidity of the music, and the director pays proper tribute to Hyuna’s sweet, jiggling ass.

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This is why I want to work in the K-pop industry

Lately I’ve been trying to talk people into starting a record label with me. It’ll never happen because none of us has a clue about how to do that kind of thing… but dare to dream.

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Kpop girls + cheerleader uniforms = major distraction

I’m sitting here working on iPhone App Reviews.net stuff and the TV is on Mnet (Korean version of MTV) and I had no choice but to stop and stare at the screaming pink cheerleaders. These girls aren’t really all that hot… relatively speaking, that is… but this video is hard to ignore when you’re working!

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Kpop is funny

It’s pretty hard to go anywhere in Seoul these days without hearing this song and now I can’t get it out of my head! Somebody please kill me.

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