Lost In Korea started in 2002 before blogging was called blogging and it only lasted about a year or so. I wrote about some of the stupid shit I did on my first stint in Seoul but eventually I got too lazy to post anything even though I continued to live there until October 2005… but now LIK is back! I revived it in February 2009 when I hatched my 1-year plan to flee the country once again and move back to Seoul with an eye towards being more of a permanent resident than I was the first time around.

At some point, the new LIK will most likely become my own personal version of Twitter (and yes, it’ll be properly tweeted as well). I’ll write longer accounts of things that warrant paragraphs, but the numbness of everyday boredom will inevitably set in and I’ll resort to telling the world about my hangovers and what I’m eating for lunch. It’ll be fascinating, I assure you.

For the curious and/or nostalgic, a partial backup of the old LIK is available here.

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