Cantando en Inglés es tonto

Cantando en Inglés es tonto = singing in English is stupid, according to Google translator.

As the weather continues to ease up I’m starting to spend more time sitting on my taco truck, and since I’m too goddam lazy to update the playlist I keep hearing the same Latin music I downloaded back in January while I was thinking, “when people hear this they’ll totally feel like they’re eating real Mexican food!”

So far, the few “real” Mexican people (as in they LIVE in Mexico) who have visited the truck so far have had good things to say about the food, usually calling it “pretty close” to what they’re used to. One group did me a huge favor in advising me to melt the cheese directly on the grill with the meat, and Taco de Mayo has been doing exactly that ever since which was definitely a good move since most people prefer nearly-liquified cheese over almost-melted cheese.

So getting back to the point, singing in English is stupid. Well, it’s kind of stupid on a taco truck, anyway, even though some of the Latin songs my computer plays are Americanized for the US charts. Below are a couple of songs that have grown on me over the past couple of months… “A Dios le Pido” is apparently some kind of plea to higher powers for peace and blessings, and don’t even bother asking me what the other one is about cuz I have no fucking idea. All I know is that they’re up to something dangerous because they keep saying “cuidado” which means something like “caution” or “be careful”. Yay for the Naperville Central High School Spanish department, I actually remember something from a million years ago.

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